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Online Touring and into the Galaxy

STO Star Trek Online Video#003 Touring The Galaxy

How about going outside the online and go into the galaxy
The best way to do is following Star Trek using the game

This is a Tutorial On How to get free Energy Credits.
Titled:Touring The Galaxy you have 15 minutes to Complete The Task..
here is some links:
here is some Helpful Star Trek Online links:
Finally I hope this helps you understand the game better while playing…

Thanks for Dan putting this together.


Touring around on a Drop Down Longboard

Lets figure out what we are using for our tour this time?

Our initial thought was to start slow with a bike, but that was a problem as one of the tires was flat:-(
You will always see that when you need it, it’s not working and when you don’t need it its all there.

Murphy’s law was in effect,


we took our next mode of transportation….

our great board from Stella Longboards sitting in the corner of the office.
Its one of the new 2015 Twin Drop Down longboards the Uno Dose.


Now the tour online and offline can really start.